Career Possibilities With a Criminal Justice Degree

Criminal Justice Police Officer

If you’re searching for a degree that’s flexible while offering skills that are viable in a host of career paths, then a criminal justice degree may be your ideal choice. Criminal justice degrees are available in a myriad of types, ranging from a two-year associate’s degree to an advanced master’s degree. While certain job opportunities are only available to those with a higher degree level, a two or four-year criminal justice degree opens a wide array of jobs and careers within the crime or justice industries. The following is only a sample of possible careers with a criminal justice degree.

Law Enforcement

There is no shortage of job openings for those looking to get into a law enforcement. Jobs are available on the local and county levels all the way up to state and federal levels. Within this industry, you’re given a host of options, such as an entry-level sheriff’s deputy to an advanced-ranking FBI official. Those who have little experience will likely find more opportunities on the local level of law enforcement.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to become a police officer – then checkout YourPoliceCareer for a great resource. But maybe you’ve wanted to work in law enforcement, but not as a traditional police officer. What then? Don’t worry, you’re still in luck. A criminal justice degree may allow students to be employed in different forms of law enforcement. Examples of such career options include:

Advancing to Other Criminal Justice Professions

While other careers, such as those that involve investigation and corrections, are possible, many may desire a more advanced-level career. One of the most beneficial aspects of a criminal justice degree is its ability to set the foundation for advanced degrees and specializations.

In most cases, you may obtain a two or four-year degree in criminal justice and then seek a higher education in a related specialty. However, some students may find it beneficial to major in criminal justice and minor in a related field. By doing so, you’re increasing possible career opportunities and are provided with a more well-rounded education this dynamic and complex industry demand.

The following careers require additional training in other fields, but with a foundation in criminal justice, these career options are obtainable by most students. These career options include:

  • Counselors
  • Court System Support Staff (bailiffs, court clerks, etc.)
  • Prosecution Attorneys
  • Defense Attorneys
  • Criminal Justice Teachers
  • Medical Examiners
  • Coroner
  • Judge